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Welcome Aboard!

Oct 08, 2013

However you navigated to our website, welcome! Madda Fella was born out of a lust for travel, adventure, and that special place where the land meets the sea. Our mission is to provide you with high quality gear that you would expect from a coastal outfitter. You're sure to find something at Madda Fella whether you're a deep-sea angler, an island hopper, a shallow water crabber, or just a beach bum. 
Madda Fella is Caribbean slang used to express surprise, excitement, or shock! The literal translation is "Mother" and "Fellow" but we prefer to embrace the expression in its fuller sense: "Madda Fella! Big fish on the line!"
The Fellas are a couple of guys who grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, live for sports and adventure, and never gave up dreaming and traveling even with mortgages and real jobs.
Following our dream, Madda Fella style, we've checked out of the mainstream and are living an adventure full of sunshine, blue water, friends, and fishing. In the spirit of MF, we welcome you join us. Sand between your toes or Billfish on the line...
Our team, the Madda Fella Crew, is spunky and courageous. After all, they took a chance on MF! Our motto is "All In". Passion, Quality, and enthusiasm for everything we do is central to our company ethos.

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