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Our Brand originated from the beautiful surroundings of Key West. We’ve played, lived and fished in the area on and off for the past decade… and have been impressed with the good nature of the people, the thriving art and creative communities, the water… and all that comes with the gorgeous, endless playground and the vibrant colors… particularly as the sun sets in the west.

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Sooo… who are we… a group of people that give a damn, are passionate, demand quality in all aspects of our business, are engaged in life… and in some small way want to motivate you to look at how you live your life and to feel good in our brand.

Explore with us. It’s a journey… and a beautiful one.

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Best Mojito in Key West…Seriously.
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The Cure for the Monday Blues

May 04, 2015

We feel you, Mondays can be rough.  We think dreaming up our next adventure is a great way to get through the post-weekend fog and workweek. In our humble opinion, there is nothing more revitalizing than traveling to our favorite place: Key West!

three people walk through the water from a biplane

Something changes when you touch down in Key West. Drinking in that first salty breeze seems to slowly lift you from the haze of everyday routine and responsibility. The island makes you feel more awake and alive. The energy is contagious as it leaves you feeling free and ready for adventure.


Key West is Madda Fella’s home in a lot of ways. We love "island life", and the Keys have it all. Serene beaches, quaint old boathouses, locally made artwork, and lush, sub-tropical flowers color the four-mile long island. Key West also has a rich and unique history that gives it an authentic personality and a romantic soul. Real people thrive here by living a life free of conventional rules, and by never apologizing for being out of the ordinary. No wonder we feel at home!

a houseboat on the water 

When we return to the island, we head straight for the action. Diving in the crystal, iridescent waters and exploring the rich coral reefs will transport you to a serene, new world. The everyday grind melts away as you kayak through the secret passageways of nearby mangroves and lagoons. Nature's bounty are waiting just few nautical miles off shore into the deeper sea.

two men kayak through the water wearing madda fella tees>
	Chatting with the locals can be an adventure too...spirited conversation with fresh cocktails make for a lively evening. Something unexpected and fun always goes down when you hang out in Key West. A sunset sail suggests that there is magic in the air.  
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We think an adventure is just what the doctor ordered to get you through the week, so close your eyes, and let these images -- as well as your own -- inspire your soul!   Hope everyone has a great week!

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