About Us

Our brand originated from the beautiful surroundings of Key West. We’ve played, lived and fished in this area on and off for the past decade….and have been impressed with the good nature of the people, the thriving art and creative communities, the water…and all that comes with that gorgeous, endless playground, and the vibrant colors…particularly as the sun sets in the west.

When we are here, in the sun…in this gorgeous slice of the world, we change. Our focus is on Living Life…our life…not what someone else expects or wants us to be. That there is a moment when, deep in your soul you realize…I owe it to myself to do something remarkable with my life….to make a difference.

That sentiment is reflected in the collections we’ve created. We start with building our color palettes and branch from there. With swim wear that plays great on the sand bars of Key West or in your pool, with clothing that you can play in, slide into the evening in, dress it up a little or down into that comfortable shirt.

Sooo…who are we…a group of people that give a damn, are passionate, demand quality in all aspects of our business, are engaged in life…and…in some small way…want to motivate you to look at how you live your life and to feel good in our brand.

Engage with us. It’s a journey…and a beautiful one.

Pictures of Mike


Founder & Bottle Washer

Mike is the kind of guy who jumps into life with the intensity of a grander fighting on the line. He's a man's man... polished and focused at work... salty and voracious at play... curious and adventuresome. Mike's passion for people and immersion in local color all over the world brought to life a long-held dream of starting a company that reflects the laid-back style and wild adventures of his most favored playground, Key West. Live life now... .from climbing Kilimanjaro to fishing Marlin off the coast of Panama... from catching live music at a local bar to leaving work behind to take in a sunset... seizing the moment every day and enjoying the people who make life interesting are Mike's driving force.

Pictures of Maria


Clothing Design & Inspiration

Born and raised in Northern Spain, Maria has a well-honed sense of style and fashion. She left her family to come to the United States to attend college. She worked nights as a seamstress and went to school during the day. From the ground level up through the fashion ranks of major, international brands, Maria brings a deep understanding of fashion design, product development, art and business. She has traversed the globe for both the fashion business and in personal exploration. Those deep global experiences have shaped her approach in design ethos, colors, style and comfort. She is an accomplished athlete, having recently completed a grueling 120KM cycling marathon in Dominican Republic… on a bike she designed.

Pictures of Scott


Founder & Creative Direction

If we can define creativity as a pathway of realistic optimism, then Scott is the consummate creator…and all that comes with that. His graphics and concepts are present across the brand. From the extensive work developing our signature swordfish to the designs on our swimwear and T-shirts…all Scott. He has an unbounded enthusiasm for life and adventure, and carries that spirit with him every day of his life. He has that unique ability to take concepts from a round-table brain storming session and create incredible visual images that can capture your soul. He is an accomplished painter, designer and illustrator who has developed images on national brands you would well recognize. An avid sportsman and conservationist, Scott is the embodiment of a great human being…and one hell of an artist.

Pictures of Grace


Account Services & Making “it” Happen for Customers

A University of Miami grad, Grace has worked in merchandising and sales at J. Crew, and run major events for high-profile brands. Grace has a deep sense of customer service and the tireless enthusiasm and intensity to get things done right. A certified Spin instructor and Outward Bound graduate, she is our resident fitness champion with countless achievements under her belt including the Marine Corp Marathon and numerous half-marathons and triathlons.

Pictures of Ella


Customer Service Specialist

Ella is our official mascot and customer greeter at our store. She’s a little heavy on the licks, naps too much…we had to write her up for sleeping on the job. However, everyone that’s met her falls in love, so I guess we’ll keep her around. She is a Golden Retriever pup we are raising, and will be trained as a therapy dog. In the meantime...she is working at our Georgetown, DC store!